How To Transform Your Pain Into Purpose

How To Transform Your Pain Into Purpose

Author (and once homeless military veteran) Michael Bethune brings a wealth of personal and professional experience, as well as practicality, to this little-discussed but the universal human dilemma of what to do when the pain of our life experiences, paralyzes our forward progress. Through a 10-Stage Journey that demands rigorous honesty and deep introspection, HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR PAIN INTO PURPOSE helps readers to reframe (reinterpret) and redirect (reverse), the paralyzing pain of their prior life experiences. Because most people are conditioned to immediately anesthetize life’s pain, they never benefit from the potentially “life-changing” tools that accompany it. Journeying through these 10-stages will help to uncover those tools, and eventually transform your pain into power. The kind of power that has the potential to propel life into purpose & meaning, and no longer paralyze it! Because life’s pain doesn’t discriminate, this book is for readers of all ages and walks of life.


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