Unto the Least of These

Unto the Least of These

12 – stages towards genuine compassion, for churches that are serious about helping the less fortunate

In this thorough yet accessible resource for churches and others that are genuinely interested in helping the less fortunate, Michael Bethune presents a unique and candid look at the relationship between the church and the less fortunate as he addresses many of the issues and concerns that others have been reluctant to confront. He believes that the church and other organizations that serve the less fortunate can and must do better when it comes to how it is that we treat those that frequent our soup kitchens, clothing pantries, shelters, etc. Bethune asserts that many of today’s churches have strayed far from the model of compassion that Jesus embodied and exemplified throughout His earthly ministry, a model that embraces and reaffirms the humanity of all people regardless of their social, educational, and economic location. As a result he has created a 12-stage process designed to move churches back in the right direction, back towards compassion.


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