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Unto The Least of These

In this thorough book (and workshop) for churches and others that are genuinely interested in helping the less fortunate, Michael Bethune presents a unique and candid look at the relationship between the church and the less fortunate in our communities. He believes that the church and other organizations that serve the less fortunate can and must do better when it comes to how it is that we treat those that frequent our soup kitchens, clothing pantries, shelters. Bethune teaches that the model of compassion that Jesus embodied and exemplified throughout His earthly ministry is what we should be striving for, a model that embraces and reaffirms the humanity of all people that come through our doors regardless of their social, educational, and economic standing.

8 Steps to Getting Unstuck in Life

8 Steps to Getting Unstuck in Life:
Lessons My Brother Taught Me After He Committed Suicide
– Michael Bethune

“I wrote this book through my tears after identifying the reasons that my beloved brother Ronnie Bethune committed suicide not long ago. He did it because he found himself stuck in the midst of some very difficult life circumstances that he just didn’t know the way out of, So he took himself out instead. I pray that the words in this book will serve as a road map out of whatever it is that has your life stuck right now.

Don’t give up on life. don’t ever give up!” – Michael Bethune

8 Steps to Getting UNSTUCK in Life is for anyone who is stuck in any area of life, and is honestly ready and fully committed to doing the hard work that’s requited to get unstuck and begin to move their life forward!

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